Types of Air Conditioning Installation Systems

When you are awaiting an air conditioning installation project, the main problem that stands in front of you would be to pick the right device. A reliable HVAC technician will recommend one of the following designs:Commercial AC

  • Split air conditioner. This kind of AC system contains two parts – an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor one comprises cooling coil and evaporator. The outdoor one has components, such as compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. This type of air conditioning system is used mainly in hotels, motels, and apartments.
  • Packaged air conditioner. This option is designed for cooling and heating large spaces, homes or offices. Here, all the components, like condenser, evaporator, compressor, and expansion valve are based in one box. This way the cooled air is spread into a room through a powerful fan, it flows through the ducts, and finally, it goes to various premises.
  • Central air conditioning system. This alternative is used for cooling and heating large premises, like big houses, hotels, gyms, entire offices, etc. This HVAC system is most commonly preferred among the residential and commercial property owners because it is comfortable and with the best performance. It is designed with two main parts – a condensing unit and evaporating unit. The first one sits outdoors and the other one – indoors.
  • Portable air conditioning system. This is another model and as the name suggests, it contains mobile self-contained AC unit which is placed on the floor inside a room. However, their typical downside is that they are a bit noisier than the other options.
  • Window air conditioner. This is the so-called ”unitary” HVAC system and it consists of self-contained AC unit placed in a window through a hole in an exterior wall. This window-mounted system has all its components in a single box. It spreads hot air from one end and cool air from the other.

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