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What to Expect from a AC


There are four stages of an HVAC installation job. They are the evaluation and quotation, the teardown, installation, and inspection. An HVAC installation is a big job, which calls for a professional heating & AC installation service. These stages are the same for residential and commercial installation jobs.


HVAC is said to be the heart of most buildings as it is responsible for the heating and cooling of air within a building. A quality system should be cost efficient, work quietly in the background, and provide every room in the building/apartment with a continuous stream of temperature-controlled air. There are various HVAC types of systems available on the market. However, choosing the right one for your space is not that easy, as it depends on the age of the property, the square footage, and your personal preferences.


The first stage is the evaluation and quotation work. This is done by companies that employ trained and licensed HVAC technicians. Contact at least four local companies and ask for a quote. They will schedule an appointment to visit you and check out the building in question. They will also ask you what you are looking for.


Before they arrive write a list of questions you want to ask the professionals when they come. Give this to every company and tell them what your time line is for their written quotation. The reason behind obtaining multiple quotes is that you will be able to compare their prices, services, and equipment used. Use these quotes to negotiate the best prices and workmanship.


If you already have some form of equipment in place, it will have to be removed safely. This can either be done by the HVAC technicians or by you. Remember to check the pricing for that and make sure you will not be paying for HVAC mechanics to do only the removal work. Also, ask how your old equipment will be disposed of, in order to see if the service is adhering to all your local regulations.



If you need a professional heating & AC installation service call Bryant Service Heating & Air today at (614) 837-7498. We are in Lancaster, OH.

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